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Professionally installed energy-efficient smart lighting systems put you in full control.

London and UK approved specialists providing expert advice across the entire market of the world's leading intelligent lighting systems to suit your individual budget and lifestyle.

Smart lighting systems start saving you money from the moment they’re installed. Not only that, but they’re kinder to the environment.

We work with the top names in energy-efficient, intelligent lighting solutions that transform your living spaces at the touch of a button.

Lutron’s founder was the inventor of the first wall-mounted dimmer switch, revolutionising the way we used the humble lightbulb.
Since then, the company has evolved into one of the market leaders in intelligent lighting solutions.

We can install a Lutron lighting system that will reduce your monthly energy costs, improve your lifestyle, maintain your comfort, and add a beautiful aesthetic to your home.

Rako is one of the UK’s leading developers of lighting control systems.
Their extensive range of options includes both wireless and wired/networked solutions. 

We can discuss your exact lighting requirements to deliver you the most appropriate system for your home.
Rako systems can all be controlled intuitively from a single touchpoint.

First class service and workmanship

Barry Harris

No hesitation in recommending Grand AV their service is next to none


Savant’s advanced lighting controls allow you to choose the level of brightness and colour to suit your style, mood or simply the time of day.

The user-friendly system allows you to easily set and adapt your home lighting to your needs with a few clicks.

Control4’s intelligent systems add style, convenience and energy efficiency to your home

Lighting can be controlled both manually and using fully automated, responsive settings to illuminate your home where and when you need it. Never come home to a dark house again.

We’ll discuss the full range of Control4 systems with you and find the one that meets your needs.