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Lutron offers smart lighting solutions that conserve energy consumption, increase productivity and make your home perfectly lit for the time of day—or your mood. To make sure that your Lutron lighting is installed properly and quickly, hire Grand AV.


At Grand AV, we’re proud to offer top-notch installations of all Lutron lighting solutions for your home. We believe their smart lighting is some of the best available, so we’ve taken the time to fully understand the ins and outs of Lutron lighting design and installation for our clients.

We work directly with you to help you decide the best Lutron lighting setup, and then we handle every tiny detail of the technical installation. After we’re finished, we’ll walk you through using your new lighting system so that you feel in control and ready to enjoy it. This way, there’s no learning curve on your end. You can immediately take full advantage of all the benefits of Lutron’s superior manufacturing. For example, you’ll get to experience the luxury of lighting for the time of day, your mood, or your activity—like low lighting for watching television, bright lighting for reading and a night mode that shifts with the sun.

As we leave, we make sure we haven’t left anything behind or out of place and every light switch and control is properly functioning. It’ll be like we were never there, except for your perfect new Lutron lighting!

We go the extra mile to ensure that everything we do is achieved on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Need a professional installation that matches the quality of your Lutron lighting system?