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Say goodbye to dead spots and slow connections, forever.
Your smart home is only as good as your home Wi-Fi.

A poor installation can lead to multiple “dead spots” in your home—rooms your Wi-Fi signal simply won’t reach—or a slow connection.

That’s why we does more than just set-up your Wi-Fi system. We help you select the system that’s right for YOUR home and then optimize it for perfect function in every room.

When we’re finished, we leave your home as tidy as we found it. No messy cables or unsightly hardware. Choose Grand AV to install your Wi-Fi system in the UK, and say goodbye to dead spots and slow connections, forever.

We choose to work with Pakedge’s home Wi-Fi systems because they are built for smart residences.

Pakedge home Wi-Fi systems provide greater coverage and support more devices than most systems. This is crucial to keep a smart home—with dozens of connected devices and large spaces—smoothly functioning without disruption.

Pakedge’s Wi-Fi systems are also designed to blend into the background of your home decor. Sleek, slim wireless access points can be attached to ceilings, walls, or set on table-tops—wherever they will be most effective and unobtrusive.

Grand AV technicians are experts at selecting and setting up Pakedge home Wi-Fi products.

"I've used Cristian and his team four times now for B&O installations and they are truly amazing. Really quick and helpful, amazingly friendly when on -site and they do an exceptional quality job. We had our whole surround sound system installed with no visible cabling - everything hidden beautifully in the walls and they did a first class job of mounting a really large and heavy 85" TV on the wall."

UniFi is our recommendation for managed home Wi-Fi systems.

UniFi’s managed Wi-Fi system allows devices to automatically connect to the strongest nearby access point. This means that devices always have a strong signal—no matter where they are in your home.

UniFi is a high-end vendor that will serve large residences as well as it serves its corporate customers.

We’re proud to partner with UniFi to bring the power of professionally managed Wi-Fi to our clients’ smart homes.