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How much does Control4 home automation cost?

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Control4 home automation cost

How much does Control4 home automation cost?

The cost of Control4 whole home automation ranges from £385 to over £25,000. That’s quite a range! The reason that the cost can vary so greatly depends on the products you choose to include in your home automation.

Control4 doesn’t publish the cost of their products online, so if you’re searching for how much different Control4 products cost, it’s hard to get a clear answer for exactly what you’ll pay. Luckily, we have loads of experience with Control4 home automation installations, so we know what outfitting your home with different Control4 kits will cost you. We’re breaking it down for you in this article.

Control4 Must-haves for home automation (and their cost)

Some products are a must for Control4 home automation. No matter what functions you want in your home automation kit, the following will likely be included:

  • Controller, £385.00 – £2,935.00. The controller connects all your smart home devices allows you to control them from one remote.
  • Networking switch, £61.00 – £1,780.00. The networking switch connects your wired devices for minimal lag.
  • Networking router, £220.00 – £3,025.00. The networking router directs traffic on the internet.
  • In-wall touch screen, £700.00 – £925.00 (seven-inch and 10-inch, respectively). This is your user-friendly control for all your connected devices.
  • Matrix switch, £970.00 – £6,080.00. The matrix switch allows you to watch and listen to any of your AV sources on any screen or stereo in your home.
  • Smart remote, £160.00- £245.00. The smart remote controls all your connected devices.
  • Outlets, £215.00 – £610.00. These are special outlets that plug into your regular outlets to connect to your Control4 system whatever device is plugged in.
  • KNX system, £7.00 – £460.00. The KNX system allows your devices to be controlled without hardwiring.


Total cost of must-haves: £2,718 – £16,060


Control4 Lighting kit cost

Once you have the fundamentals of your Control4 home automation kit, you can start adding additional functions to make your life easier. For example, connecting your lighting to your system.

  • Wireless or wired keypads, £115.00 – £175.00. The keypads can be set to different “scenes,” which can transform your space’s lighting in one click.
  • Light switches, £115.00 – £140.00
  • Light dimmers, £115.00 – £175.00

Total cost of lighting: £345 – £490+

Control4 Climate kit cost

  • Smart thermostat, £260.00

Total cost of climate: £260.00+


Control4 Home Security kit cost

  • Door station, £590.00 – £965.00. The door station is an AV intercom system for front doors and gates.
  • Smart locks, £195.00 – £332.00. Smart locks allow you to lock or unlock locks from anywhere.
  • Security camera, £220.00 – £335.00. The camera allows you to watch over your home from anywhere.
  • Additional security packages
    • Garage package, £433,00 – £1,078.00
    • Leak detection package, £183.00
    • Doorbell package, £290.00

Total cost of home security: £1,911 – £3,183+


Control4 Entertainment kit cost

  • Triad speakers, £100.00 – £2,985.00. Triad speakers are offered in different models ranging from custom speakers to sound bars to home theatre kits.
  • Amplifiers and receivers, £590.00 – £1,245.00.

Total cost of entertainment: £690 – £4,230+


To get the most from your Control4 investment, opt for professional installation

The process of deciding what Control4 products you need is tricky, and installation is advanced. Not to mention, Control4 products can often connect with the non-native technology you may already have installed (such as Lutron lighting, Sonos sound, and Apple products). But, connecting to non-native technology requires special drivers to be installed first, which is an added challenge. But, once installed perfectly, Control4’s ease of use and seamless function is hard to beat.

To make the most of your Control4 investment, contact professional smart home installers like Grand AV to help you design and configure your ideal Control4 smart home.

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