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Savant Home Automation: Exploring the Savant 9.1 Update

By August 21, 2019July 13th, 2023No Comments
Savant home automation update 9.1

Savant systems are some of the best systems in the home automation industry because they offer so many options to customize your setup and integrate with dozens of other platforms and products. That means you don’t have to have a home filled with top-to-bottom Savant products. You can use the powerful and intuitive Savant software to connect all your smart gadgets, whether they were made by Savant or not.

With Savant, you could install a Savant system to control your Lutron smart shading system, along with your Sonos sound system and your home security system. This level of customization is key for modern homeowners. Without it, you’d be forced to part with trusted brands in order to get the ease of living in a fully connected smart home.

In addition, Savant systems are exceptionally user-friendly. You can control your entire smart home from either the Savant Remote (Savant Pro Remote) or from the Savant Pro application (downloadable to your smartphone or tablet).

Recently, Savant has made its smart home software even better with the release of the 9.1 update. While the update isn’t transformative, it does add some impressive features to the smart home system you already love.

The Savant home automation 9.1 version updates

Most of the new updates make controlling your smart home system easier and more intuitive, plus allows for new exciting integrations with favourite products.

Integration with Apple TV and Siri

Now, Savant is able to seamlessly integrate with two of Apple’s most-loved features and products: the Apple TV and Siri. The latter is particularly interesting because of the voice control aspect.

Just as you can ask your iPhone to do look up something for you or make a phone call, now you can ask Siri to make physical changes in your home. For instance, you could ask Siri to lock your doors as you leave the house, or turn on Netflix—all without touching a button.

For Apple aficionados, the 9.1 update is something to celebrate.

Savant Pro Remote updates

With the 9.1 version come updates to the Savant Remote. You can now choose to optimize your Pro Remote for the one application you use most often or you can choose to make every application in your home equally easy to access.

In addition, you can re-order Views so that the Views you use the most are always top of the list.

Savant Pro App updates

The Savant Pro app for your smartphone or tablet has been upgraded with several highly useful features:

  • Savant Energy Monitoring now shows you how much energy your Savant connected products are consuming right now as well as in the past. This is a big plus for homeowners who are trying to conserve energy.
  • Savant shade control can now be added into any Savant Scene in your app. For those homeowners who have smart shading, this update makes it more convenient to control your shades right from your smartphone.

How to get the Savant 9.1 updates

Fortunately, Savant uses over-the-air technology to automatically update your Savant software on all your connected devices, including your Pro Remote. But to check to make sure you have the latest 9.1 update….

  1. Click the Settings cog icon on your Pro Remote
  2. Go to About
  3. If you see version 9.1 software show up, then your update has already installed. If you see a button that says “UPDATE,” then your update has not installed.
  4. To manually install the 9.1 update, first make sure your Pro Remote is in the Pro Remote Base and has at least 60% battery life.
  5. Then, click the “UPDATE” button.
  6. When it’s finished, go back to Settings > About, and check to see if the software version 9.1 shows up.

If you found that your software update did not install automatically, it’s likely because your Pro Remote did not have enough charge. It’s recommended that you keep your Pro Remote in the Pro Remote Base every night and recharge the batteries frequently.

Contact Grand AV for Savant home automation installations

If you think a Savant smart home system in the U.K. may be just what you need to streamline your smart devices, contact GRAND AV for a free installation consultation.

While using the Savant system in your home is easy, getting everything properly connected and neatly organizing all the cables involved in the process requires an expert team. We’re proud to have been working with Savant’s system and product for years. Let us help you design and install the Savant smart home system of your dreams.

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