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Bang & Olufsen: An Introduction

By July 18, 2019July 13th, 2023No Comments
Beosound 2 and Beovision M5 by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is a renowned audio and visual product company based in Denmark that creates some of the world’s most visually stunning speakers, stereos and televisions. Plus, their sound quality is unmatched in balance and clarity.

At SmartAve, we’ve been recommending Bang & Olufsen products to our smart home installation clients for years. That’s because their products last forever. Bang & Olufsen audio systems are engineered to maintain peak functional performance over time—and the classic, Danish modernist designs feel fresh decades later.

If you’re looking for a home sound system in the UK this year, this article is for you.

Classic Bang & Olufsen products for your home

It’s hard to choose the staple products from Bang & Olufsen because they’re all expertly crafted. However, the company is most known for its speakers and smart audio systems.

Beolab 50– This speaker is customised for whatever space it’s in, with Active Room Technology. The speaker collects data about the acoustics in your home or room and then is used to create a set of custom filters to improve your listening experience. It’s also stunningly designed, made with light wood and high-quality aluminium (toned to match your interior).

Beolab 18 – For a home stereo that not only has a classic modern-meets-vintage look but also sounds amazing, the Beolab 18 comes highly recommended. It’s engineered to distribute sound evenly around your space, even though it’s packaged into a slim structure.

Beovision Eclipse – A top of the line smart television that is smartly designed for aesthetics-conscious homeowners. You really see the influence of the famous Danish design in this television, with a crisp geometric look. The incredible built-in soundbar is customisable to match your space.

Unique Bang & Olufsen products for your home

Beosound Shape – Guests won’t know that the geometric art installation on your living room wall is actually an expertly engineered, complex speaker system. You can customise the shape for both your desired performance and for how it looks, and you can choose colours and patterns to perfectly complement your space. This is a wonderful example of how Bang & Olufsen products are highly focused on design and always original.

Beovision Harmony – This beautiful 77-inch (195.5 cm) television was recently unveiled at the Milan Design Week, and has yet to be released to consumers. But it is available for pre-order now. Its design is inspired by mid-century modern furniture, which often featured television sets hidden inside tasteful, minimalist cabinetry. Only, for the Beovision Harmony, the “cabinetry” is actually a hidden, state of the art sound system that can be swiveled for the desired look.

Who should choose Bang & Olufsen?

Bang & Olufsen offers the perfect audio systems, televisions, and more for luxury homeowners. However, their products are especially well suited for a particular kind of homeowner.

We advise our smart home installation in London clients to go with Bang & Olufsen if they…

  • Care a great deal about the look of their audiovisual products. If you’re concerned about your audio and visual products looking incongruous with your carefully curated aesthetic in your home, then Bang & Olufsen is the way to go. Most of their products have the high-end look of a designer piece of furniture, and many of them can be customised for design.
  • Love mid-century modern, modernist, or Danish design. Bang & Olufsen’s products tend toward these design movements, so anyone who favours the classic, clean lines of these styles will be thrilled with the look of Bang & Olufsen’s products.
  • Like to customise their audio and visual systems. Not every manufacturer offers the level of customisation that Bang & Olufsen does—not only in terms of colours and design but in terms of performance optimization.
  • Want to seamlessly integrate their audio and visual systems into their smart home design. Bang & Olufsen is a future-looking company, so their products are always up to date with the latest capabilities to integrate with smart home systems.

To take advantage of all that Bang & Olufsen has to offer, contact Grand AV. We’ve been working with Bang & Olufsen for years and can effortlessly set up your new audio and visual system without disrupting the rhythm of your daily life.

Head to our Contact page for a quick chat about how we can help.


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